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 Tiffany Marie can be described as a larger than life, charismatic yet down to earth,  mystical         personality who shares her insights and gifts with those who have come to her for advice.Gifted as a reader since childhood, she employs several of the mystical arts as well as her natural  gifts as a seer in a way that is both entertaining as well as insightful. She is comfortable in her skin and it shines through. She lives with a confidence and ease.

 Some of her clients have given her the title of "Gypsy Witch Doctor."  Although she admits it may be a little dramatic for some, it definitely reflects who she is. She walks between worlds with  balance...she is both an Ordained Metaphysical Minister (2007) and a Witch Doctor. 

Spiritual/massage/energy healing is her chosen tool to get deeper than what is seen, creating changes in subconscious habits and cellular memory. Wherever it is that you connect with her, she will be offering a safe place in which you can heal and empower yourself along your chosen path as you find your way back to wholeness as a human soul.

Working with the mental, physical and emotional bodies, Tiffany will help you transform in a way that opens your heart center, activates change and helps you find ways of expressing compassion, allowing flow, trusting your intuition, staying balanced, and overflowing with joy and gratitude, experiencing giggles while living life to its fullest . Whether you are just curious or serious, spending an hour with Tiffany will help you find tools with which you can change your life. As the “Witch Doctor”, she uses energy as the tool that creates the safe space to allow you to do your healing in. Her work is done on etheric levels that cannot be seen but can often be felt.

"Approaching things from spiritual first, following through the mental and emotional bodies, and then manifesting in the physical, I see things from the opposite perspective, often knowing/seeing what others cannot."-TMB

This approach lends itself to work with all modalities you are presently using, increasing their effectiveness.

Descending from a family heritage of Germanic decent, thus opening her door to the Shamanic world, Tiffany graduated from Center for Natural Wellness Massage Therapy School in 2005, starting her personal practice in 2006. While growing her massage business she received her Life Coaching Certification in 2008. Followed by her Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. She Studied Under Joy Alder of the Barbra Brennan School where she accomplished her Psychology of the Body Apprenticeship Training in 2013. Receiving her Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mastership at TLC Healing Center in 2015 pushed the door to the other Realms even further. Growing up with Horses also took her work in a different direction. Learning the way of the horse from her father. She learned the healing properties of the animal world. Blending her knowledge of the horse, metaphysical healing and passion to help humans heal, Tiffany created the Equine Empowerment Program (EEP), copywriting it in 2016.

She and her family now run an ongoing EEP for Veterans with an affiliation with the Albany, NY VA. When she isn’t teaching in the barn presently, Tiffany is studying under Barbara Neznek of Willow Tree Wisdom to complete her Shamanic Teacher Training and participating in workshops, Soul Retrievals, Medicine for the Earth and Psychpomp have enhanced her practice. Raven Hollow Ranch in Soansville NY is where her life’s work is held.

"Here at the ranch your soul can be peaceful and your heart will feel light" -TMB

Tiffany's Shamanic practice combines clairvoyance and wisdom with deep awareness of the soul. She provides transformational healing to her clients through bodywork, Reiki, soul retrievals, equine soul therapy, past life regressions, tarot, shamanic life coaching, and using paganisms core techniques of ritual, wisdom, spell-work, ancestral mediumship and channeling. She helps clear the mind, body, spirit of blockages. Putting tools in your tool box of life.

"Using different rituals, ceremonies and tools, we can essentially train the subconscious to think differently, causing new and different emotional responses to stimuli....changing the way energy flows and works in our body"-TMB



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