" You fixed my body and gave me my life back. I am aware of my body for the first time in my life. You are my miracle worker. Thank you." -R. Brouer



" I feel like you just aligned my body with my soul." -L. Hladchuk


" With out your healing hands I would be gone. You have changed my stars and healed my mind."-P. Sanders


" That was the most powerful and accurate tarot card reading I have ever had. How did you ever pick up on that. Thank you. " - K. Manning


Thank you for letting me find peace with my sons death. To beable to talk with him one last time, filled the viod i had been left with. For that I am grateful."-D.R


" The session was so peaceful. I have not felt this peaceful in many years and to know you are right here for me to experence it over and over again. I cherish your gifts you give so selflessly" - S.B.

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