" A human being is single being Unique and unrepeatable"

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Do you have anxiety at times?

Do you get bad dreams or nightmares?

Do you suffer from flashbacks?

Do you often feel sad or depressed?

Do you lack energy or motivation?

Do you struggle with hopelessness?

Having difficulty finding meaning in you life?

Are you just 'not myself' since coming home?


Equine Empowerment Program


   Our empowering six week equine assisted therapy program can help you with all of these and more.  Horses can help with anxiety, anger and depression.  They can help you feel more self-confident as well as control over your emotions and selfawareness.  You don't need any equine experience to join our program.  Our horses are gentle, and more than willing to connect with you at your deepest level, at your own pace!


Adventure Days

Art, Kayacking and Horses - 10am to 4pm


Womens Empowerment Two day program


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