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Witch 101

This class will cover the basics to being a witch.  Religion, holidays, circles, protection, tools, meditation, rituals and spirit communication.


Reiki 1 & 2 Training


  Master Class


Shadow Self Workshop

    Come explore the different parts of your self.  Learn how each part relates to your personality.  We will be doing guided meditations to meet our shadow selves!


Are you an Empath?

    We will be going over what it means to be empathic and ways to work with your gifts.


Totem Animal Workshop

    We will be going over different animal spirit meanings through guided meditations we will be meeting your personal animal totems.


Spell Working

    We will be going over basic spell working.  Witch 101 course is recommended to be taken first.  Please know that Magic is to be takin seriously!  (NO black magic here!)  We will cover different types of spells, tools needed, candle colors, and the proper structure to perform spells.


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